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Hitting the ball better

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Would you like to improve your ball striking and short game?

The fact is that if you don’t hit the middle of the clubface with any club on a regular basis then your Golf will struggle! Topping, shanking and hitting heavy are all symptoms of poor ball striking. 

Well here are my 4 top tips to improve your ball striking.

1. Shorten your backswing a bit

My analogy is the ‘hammer and nail’ theory. That is: how far back could you swing the hammer before you miss the nail and hit your thumb?  So shortening your backswing may make it easier to ‘hit the nail’ (the ball!!). Strive to shorten the swing by 30 degrees and the distance you lose is negligible.

2. Learn to control the force you put into the shot.

There is a straight forward link from force to accuracy in most sports and Golf is no exception. So repeating key words like ‘smooth’ as you take your practice swing will help. Hitting enough club is also crucial which takes away any need to hit the ball too hard!

3. Stay relatively still on your backswing

Moving around excessively will make a centred contact too difficult. Look at your shadow the next time you play as you take a practice swing to check if this is a fault for you. If you move too much your shadow will too and can be used to practice staying more still.

4. Play your short approach shots with a very narrow stance

This simply stops a player from moving too much as your brain thinks you will fall over. But only with less than full shots should this be used! Small shot= small stance.

Gordon Morrison



About Gordon Morrison

Teaching Golf for the last 20 years has shown me what works and what doesn’t work. I have strived to improve my knowledge year on year and have recently completed my studies in Sports Psychology to Masters Level at Northumbria University concluding with a specialist project in how people learn skills for Golf. One of only 15 people in Britain + Ireland, I am a consultant to the Professional Golfers Association Training program and pass on my knowledge to help young professionals learn the art of coaching golf. PGA Advanced status was awarded in 2004.

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