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Bunkers made easier!

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Free tip!

So many people are concerned about them or dare I say it terrified of bunkers! So, here are my 4 top tips to improve your bunker play.

1. Keep the face square at address.

Most golfers have heard that they should open the face to help the clear the lip of the bunker. BUT… narrows the hitting area of the club drastically and what was quite a wide face becomes very narrow and difficult to hit the ball properly. Grab your sand wedge and try it to see the difference! The Sand Wedge has enough loft so don’t try to add more!!

2. Swing normally.

I hear a lot of technical mumbo jumbo from players about this. Cock your wrists, head still, lean back, lean forward, don’t scoop….blah blah blah! Just use your normal swing! Set up as if to hit a normal wedge from the fairway and then move back away from the target enough to come out of your initial footprints and then shuffle your feet in and swing away!

3. Concentrate on hitting the sand hard enough to spray it (the sand) out of the bunker.

Sand slows the club down dramatically so it needs to enter the sand at a good speed in order to get the ball out. So concentrate on the sand instead of the ball and thump it out so it sprays on the green. You can hit 2-5 inches behind the ball and it will still come out.

4. Practice taking the right amount of sand.

The ‘divot’ in a bunker should be about the length of the rubber handle on your club. We have excellent practice bunkers here at Linden Hall Golf Club so get down there and rehearse taking this grip length ‘divot’. Don’t use a ball initially until you get the hang of it and the divots should be a similar depth.

Gordon Morrison


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