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Are your Golf Balls balanced?

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Did you know that even a modern Golf Ball can be out of balance? What does this mean for your Golf? Well, let’s concentrate on putting this time and figure out what we can do to deal with the problem. If the ball is not properly balance it will tend to move like a bowling ball especially near the end of its roll and ‘veer off’ to one side (the heavier side). But this can be eliminated if you know where the balance spot on the ball is! This information comes from H.A Templeton’s excellent book, Vector Putting.


 1. Float your Golf balls in a bowl of very salty water

Using ordinary kitchen salt and a soup bowl full of water keep adding salt to the bowl (and stirring it to dissolve the salt) until a Golf ball will float in it. It is a bit like the Dead Sea, it becomes so salty that anything will float in it! I got some funny looks from my wife as I did this but I told her it was all in the name of science!

2.  Put the ball in and give it a poke so that it moves around the bowl

It will spin for a bit but normally will seem to be ‘righting’ itself and will come to a stop at a certain point. The quicker this happens the worse the ball is, once it has stopped mark that spot with a sharpie pen (right on the very top of the ball) proceed to poke the ball again and let it ‘right’ itself once more. It will probably come back to the same spot if the ball is poorly balanced and you can mark it again. After three or so your will know where the light spot is on the ball and should have it marked with your pen.

3. Top tips to make sure you do this the right way

Make sure the ball is not touching the side of the bowl as this will affect where it stops spinning. If your ball comes back to different spots each time then the ball is fine, this is the case with the less complex balls would you believe. For example the one piece range balls always pass this test but my premium Golf balls failed it miserably!

4.  Put the light part of the ball ‘up’ when putting

So, this spot you have marked on the ball should be at the top when you putt. This can look odd because the spot could be anywhere on the ball, those of you who like a line will need to use one of these line making tools to draw a line on the ball through this balance spot. This will alleviate the ball that breaks in a funny way (sometimes a poorly balanced ball will break left when the slope goes to the right!)

That’s it, any questions please contact me for more details



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