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How can a Pre Shot Routine help my golf?

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This article is about pre shot routines……all the good players talk about them, but how can you get one to suit you, and why is it helpful? Just to be clear we are talking about the seconds leading up to the shot and what you get up to.

 1. Routines help rhythm.

Studies show that the use of a routine helps the motor system to stabilise and therefore assist the performer in moving with good rhythm. This is especially relevant in Golf where we always move from a ‘dead’ start and so need something to get us going. Think of the drummer who calls out numbers at the start of a song to ‘lead’ the other members of the band into the song. This is what your routine can do for you; get the various body parts to work together on time!

2. Routines help you to switch back on faster.

During the time between shots our brain goes on Golfing standby and when we reach our next shot the brain is not ready for action. The routine, if done enough, serves as the ‘warm up’ for the brain and assists in getting you back to where you were after you played your last shot. Think about the provisional ball scenario, we nearly always hit a better shot mainly because the brain has had its ‘warm up’ by then. So use the routine to ‘warm up’ the brain again and avoid too many provisional balls.

3. Routines can help you attain the right state of mind.

Are you a nervous or poorly concentrated player? Either way you can use the routine to help you. If you are nervous then incorporate relaxation strategies into it, or if poorly concentrated try some psyching up to get you in the right frame of mind.

4. Pre shot routine example

Picture your ideal shot or look where you want the ball to go, take your time until you feel ready to go.

Take a practice swing or two and remind yourself what you are trying to do, e.g. stay relaxed, or focus on a certain move you are trying to make.

Hit the shot but stay focused on something simple, e.g. a smooth rhythm (don’t overdo the thinking!)

Use it regularly and your ability to concentrate on the shot at hand will improve!

That’s it, any questions please contact me for more details


Gordon Morrison


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Teaching Golf for the last 20 years has shown me what works and what doesn’t work. I have strived to improve my knowledge year on year and have recently completed my studies in Sports Psychology to Masters Level at Northumbria University concluding with a specialist project in how people learn skills for Golf. One of only 15 people in Britain + Ireland, I am a consultant to the Professional Golfers Association Training program and pass on my knowledge to help young professionals learn the art of coaching golf. PGA Advanced status was awarded in 2004.

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